443 (<1)
laravel-widgetize v1.8.20 — A minimal package to help you make your laravel application cleaner and faster.
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609 (<1)
28 (<1)
widget-system — laravel widget-system
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90 (<1)
widget — Laravel 5 Widget
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785 (<1)
rapyd-laravel 2.6.8 — rapyd: crud widgets for laravel. datatable, grids, forms, in a simple package
5 (<1)
klisl/laravel-widgets — Пакет для удобного создания и использования виджетов в Laravel-5
7 (<1)
rinvex/widgets v0.0.4 — Rinvex Widgets is a powerful and easy to use widget system, that combines the both power of code logic and the flexibility of template views. You can create asynchronous widgets, reloadable widgets, and use the console generator to auto generate your widgets, all out of the box.
37 (<1)
cockpit — Custom widgets for your Laravel app
8 (<1)
widgetify — Powerful Widgets System For Laravel Farmework
14 (<1)
widgets — :gem: [DEPRECATED] Laravel 5 widgets package


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