1924 (<1)
corcel — Use WordPress backend with Laravel or any PHP application
Similar WordPress
112 (<1)
laravel-wp-api — Laravel package for the Wordpress JSON REST API
Similar WordPress
56 (<1)
koselig — :love_letter: Seamlessly integrate Wordpress with Laravel.
Similar WordPress
175 (<1)
eventy 0.5.4 — WordPress-like actions and filters for Laravel
104 (<1)
wp-cli-valet-command v1.1.0 — Harness the power of Laravel Valet for creating fully functional WordPress installs in seconds.
70 (<1)
wordpress-to-laravel v2.1 — Provides means to sync Wordpress posts to your Laravel DB in order to use Laravel as the front-end to your WP blog (cos lets face it - WP templates suck ass)
79 (<1)
bladerunner — WordPress plugin for Laravel Blade templating
Similar plugin wordpress
21 (<1)
WPBones 0.9.8 — WordPress framework for Laravel developers
46 (<1)
wordpress-eloquent — A library that converts converts wordpress tables into Laravel Eloquent Models.
3 (<1)
liyanj/laravel_wordpress — Laravel 5.4 as Frontend, WordPress 4.7.2 as Backend (admin panel) . The Corcel is employed to retrieve WordPress data in Eloquent way. You nearly do not need to spend time developing backend.


    3 months ago
    koselig (Reached 50 ⭐)
    :love_letter: Seamlessly integrate Wordpress with Laravel.
    koselig (Reached 25 ⭐)
    :love_letter: Seamlessly integrate Wordpress with Laravel.
    koselig (Reached 10 ⭐)
    :love_letter: Seamlessly integrate Wordpress with Laravel.

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