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NathanGeerinck/laravel-newsletter — This application gives you the ability to send a newsletter to multiple subscribers with use of SMTP or an external driver like Mailgun
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Some additional repos to consider:
laravel-smtp-email-verifier — Laravel SMTP Email Validator. Simple email validator for laravel that tries to check with SMTP server if the given email addresses exists or not
Laravel53_Gmail_SMTP_Testing — Send email via Gmail's smtp using Laravel 5.3 and php artisan serve, it works. Refer to .env settings
PThreadsLaravel — Using Laravel + Pthreads to push mail using SMTP
laravelAccountCreationWithEmailVerification — This is a resume about different things (it's for my reference, and you may find it useful), around the implementation of a users registration with email confirmation (laravel examples, and different way of doing, and a resume of some good practice), and more then that about creating your own mail server, using some of the great open source projects. And resuming the concerns of having your own mailing server vs using a cloud service. Also how to send using smtp, and others protocols. so it's about user registration and email servers. [note, i will be updating that through time passing. (i'm not putting all at once)]
andiramdani27/Laravel-Mail — learn about how to send email with laravel use SMTP Mailtrap
larvel-Mail-Integration — Implementing Laravel SMTP Mailtrap
lumen-mail-gmail-smtp — Laravel - Lumen email send using Gmail-SMTP
LaraQ — Laravel Based Mail Queue System With SMTP Rotation
Laravel_emailconfirmation — Verificación de registro por smtp de gmail.

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